Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

Once upon a Time.

Not to long ago.
Yeah very well. I will post again. ;)
It's a nice and sunny Thursday Night. I am sitting right here in my room, my cat is stroling arround in it to somewhere. And i am pondering many things. I am kind of glad that i've discovered SomaFM the other day, i sencerly like this kind of music, it's calm and relaxing. What reminds me i wanted to take another beer.
Still sad that i had a fight with someone today. I do not like to fight about this kind of things, not now , not anymore. I don't see the sense of keeping a mask up for anyone at all.
They may all drop dead. I am done caring about their petty needs for pleasure, excitement and adventure. I have seen enough of all. I really think we lose this Generation of funloving selfish Creatures. That is failing a major aspect of their own life. The joy and happiness they seek to achive isn't held in many adventures or something you gained by hurting others. It's the ying yang thought. You have to get into balance withyourself and all of the beeings arround you. Once you achived that you may strive for happiness. I myself needed to learn this lesson again. But what i gained is something more deep, it was the little piece of motivation that allmost got lost in the struggle to fullfill someones wishes. Selfish goals should not be pursued unless they serve a greater good for all of the community and obviously they didn't on my end and the side of my friends. I turned into something i really wasn't and i am glad that i could return from that deep hole i fell in. Nowdays i just sit on it's dark and leaping side. And pondering what the darkness inside is hiding from my sights. And then, only for a small moment of my time i ponder to let go again and jump in. But what i would achive with doing this? Nothing at all.
So i leave you pondering, what i mean with all my metaphores. And enjoy my new beer i just got from the Fridge.
And then i try to convince Calisto to give up hunting the insects that joined us in the room. Well that will be the hard task, maybe some tuna will do the trick.

So long

Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

Song of the Day,


My Friend from Sweden, magnus!

Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

Song of the Day

Been a classic for ages... i think i revive that song of the day... i really love to listen to it at the moment.