Mittwoch, 19. September 2007

U2 Classic

This one i add cause it is the Video with the best Performance of that song i ever heared...

Spock VS Q!

It's on the ultimate Battle of Sarcasm and not funny jokes.

Rather random

I always been asking myself, what shall i do with the my future?
I'm interssted in such things really, especially after all the new Friends and Experiences I had and found.
I think of new freinds like Brain, who showed me that mind science is not that dry as that say, or Pablo, a unbelivable talented and gifted Singer. I great you my friend, and yes the concert in Chicago was beyond insane. Or Jen. She inspired me to do so many things, i never had thought of. Greetings to Allen too, yes i have the Fiat now here xD and that god damn thing IS MOVING! I have it transfered to Hamburg as soon as possible.

and it's even more true what they say.
We are one!

alas until we meet again on the other side, where it's us and the hidden masks we face.

I'll also send out my condolences to Nessa. The pain will stop, someday somehow. I don't know what i can do to make you feel better but it was nice to meet you in this two lives we share.